Press Conference Group

The Beloved Community in Unity

The Beloved Community is a "values based" 501c3 organization that employs Divine Guidance from scriptures in concert with the creative energy of concerned citizens to create, construct, and control a caring and connected community.

We believe that a Beloved Community consist of strong families, fully invested local businesses, excellent educational institutions, and responsible government agencies.

Central to this vision is the role of the faith community acting together as agents of change by addressing the expressed felt needs of the community through the Love of Jesus Christ.

Our commitment then is to live out Biblical principles and support initiatives that help create a holistically healthy community.

Together, we seek to build an environment  where the creative energy of people is directed towards developing their own community standards and providing for their own economic empowerment.

Luke Ceasar Lonnie

The Beloved Community in Action

"A community is only as strong as it's passionate commitment to activism.  People must be inspired to stand up and work for their own best interest." -- Pastor Ceasar I. LeFlore

The Beloved Community is active in standing in defense of innocent human life, and in protecting the people's right to  pursue quality in their life without undue interference from government, or outside deceptive practices.

To that end, The Beloved Community is a coalition of politically active, spiritually directed, values driven individuals and organizations committed to common purposes in elevating community health.

We promote ideals that decrease government dependence and increase the peoples dependence of God, and each other.


The Beloved Community and Life

We believe that a Beloved Community is a healthy community where every life is respected and protected, from conception to death.  Therefore, we value life above every other thing, and commit ourselves and all of our combined resources fully to it protection.

The Beloved Community is active in promoting the sanctity of life and opposing the emerging "culture of death" as it is reflected in legalized abortion and out of control violence in our streets.  We accomplish this through promoting prayer networks, educational conferences, public demonstrations,  and multi-media publishing,

The Beloved Community is part of a national network of Pro-Life and Pro-Family organizations that seek to educate communities on the issues of life, and to mobilize active resistance to anti-life policies of government, and practices of businesses that profit from abortion.